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No! We would love for you to write in your own language, especially when it resonates better with the people from your home region. Please simply write it in your language, or you can send your post to us at hello@borderless.so.

• Can I see examples?

Yes! Lots of great examples


Writing Prompts

The prompts below will help you understand what content is useful for others. You don't have to address all prompts in one post, feel free to pick only a few! Remember that these are just “prompts” and not interview questions, so write in free format✨

🎓About University:

1. Academics

  • What is your major? What is the quality of education?
  • What resources does your university offer? Ex: labs, research facilities...
  • Is there an opportunity to study abroad?

2. Scholarship

  • What does your scholarship cover?
  • How much money on top of the scholarship do you need to survive?

3. Admission Process

  • What was the application process like?
  • How much did it cost to apply?
  • What kind of resources and help did you use for your application?

4. Student Life

  • How do you feel about the campus’s size and location?
  • What kind of extracurricular activities do you participate in?
  • Is the student body diverse? Is it easy to make friends?

5. Career Prospects

  • What kind of internship support does your university offer?
  • Is there a Career Development Center? Is it helpful?

💼 About Job or Internship:

1. Getting the job

  • How did you decide to work at this specific company? Have you considered other options?
  • What was the application process like?
  • What kind of people would be happy at your company?

2. Legal

  • How did you get your work visa/work permit?

3. What it's like being a foreigner

  • How international are your company and your department?
  • What languages do you use for communication? Can you get by with only English?
  • Do you feel comfortable being a foreigner in the company?
  • How does the company support foreigners? (language classes, social activities, etc.)
  • How was the relocation process?

4. Professional development

  • What projects/tasks are you working on in the company?
  • How is work-life balance?
  • What support do you get for your professional development? (ex: 1:1 with your mentor, training sessions, budget for books, etc.)
  • What is your salary range? (share only if you are comfortable!)