🇺🇸 Get into University in the USA with Admissions Guidance by Borderless 🇺🇸

Build your personal brand as an international student

🗣 Host: Veronica Lee, co-founder of Borderless

🗓 Date: November 16, 2022


“Veronica, how do I make my application stand out? Do I need a 4/4 GPA? Or maybe I should do extra volunteering?” — if these questions ever come across your head, our next event is for you!

Recent Harvard admissions stats reveal an uncomfortable truth: 8,000 applicants had perfect GPA, but less than 2,000 were accepted. It's not the grades, but a strong Personal Brand that gets students into the world’s best universities. Join our event to learn exactly what a Personal Brand is and how you can create yours:

We will learn how to:

  • identify what kind of candidates universities are looking for

  • communicate your values

  • describe your extracurriculars and honors

  • tell a compelling story

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