How to write Supplemental Essays & Letters of Motivation

🗣 Host: David Levi — Harvard alum, College Counsellor, Civic Engagement and Partnerships Manager at Minerva University

🗓 Date: April 22, 2023


What this event is about

In the session, David covers the following topics:

  • Why US universities assign supplemental essays

  • The different types of supplemental essays, and how to approach each type effectively

  • How lessons learned from US college applications can be applied to crafting strong essays for European and Asian universities

David has spent years developing college counseling programs in Central Asia and now works at Minerva University in San Francisco. He loves telling and hearing stories. With his wealth of experience and knowledge, he created an engaging and informative event for anyone interested in improving their college application essays!

To contact David: https://www.instagram.com/applywithdavid/