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Your Roadmap to Studying at Top Universities with Full Scholarships

🗣 Host: Veronica Lee — NYU Abu Dhabi alum, co-founder of Borderless

🗓 Date: June 6, 2023


Join us for the live event "Your Roadmap to Studying at Top Universities with Full Scholarships," where we'll share valuable insights to help you achieve your study abroad dreams and secure scholarships. During the event, our speaker and expert Veronica will cover:

  • Strategies for finding the perfect universities and scholarships tailored to your needs

  • Essential documents to prepare for a successful application process

  • Step-by-step guidance on applying to your dream universities and scholarships

  • Tips to build a strong profile and maximize your chances of getting accepted

In addition to this wealth of information, we'll be celebrating the exciting launch of Borderless Sensei, our innovative AI-powered chatbot designed to provide personalized guidance throughout your educational journey. Attend the event live to receive the best offer or an exclusive deal for Borderless Sensei.

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