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FLIGHT DATE: February 7, 2023

Hey! Remember that scholarship you sent me last year? Guess what! I am now packing my bags for France😭🎒 ✈️

— this is the message I received a few days ago. My friend’s life changed just because of one link I sent her! Every share is a ticket for a trip of a lifetime.

It’s your turn to send your friends on a journey

Invite your friends to Borderless to help them find their next opportunity abroad which will completely change their lives! Invite as many friends as you can by Feb. 28 and get a 30-minute individual consultation with Borderless CEO and NYUAD Alum, Veronica Lee. You will pick the date and discuss anything university or career-related!

Here is how it works

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Your link is a ticket that opens up a new place for your friends. Maybe they always dreamed of coming to Japan but had no idea how? Borderless is exactly the place where they discover MEXT Scholarship!

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You can see how many of your friends join Borderless on Leaderboard. Use it to keep track of the impact you are creating for your community.

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On Fab. 28, the top 3 members with the highest score will receive the reward: a 30 minute individual consultation with Veronica, Borderless CEO and NYUAD Alum. Team Borderless will reach out to you to arrange the date which suits you!