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Ambassador Program

We are super excited to announce the launch of our 2023 ambassador program at Borderless! As a Borderless ambassador, you'll have the opportunity to inspire and guide your peers as they pursue study abroad opportunities and scholarships. Whether it's through social media posts, informational meetings, or community events, you'll play a vital role in helping students explore the world and reach their full potential.

high school ambassador program

In this program, you'll learn valuable skills such as leadership, event planning, public speaking, and networking. You'll also get to work closely with


, CEO of Borderless, and like-minded peers from all over the world and gain valuable experience in the field of international education.

We are searching for ambassadors who:

🔥 Are currently in their junior or senior year of high school, or are gap students

🔥 Have a personal interest in studying abroad and are actively working towards that goal

🔥 Understand and deeply support the mission and purpose of Borderless

🔥 Can commit a couple of hours per week to support Borderless (we prioritize the well-being of our ambassadors and want to avoid overloading them)

What you will be responsible for

✅ Encouraging your peers to join Borderless

✅ Promoting Borderless on your social media platforms

✅ Assisting in the planning and execution of our events and webinars

✅ Creating content to showcase your personal experience with Borderless

✅ Interviewing current students and alumni of foreign universities (interviews will be turned into posts on Borderless)

✅ Providing feedback and suggestions to further improve Borderless

We can’t wait to bring together the most motivated and enthusiastic students who are eager to make a difference and gain valuable experience. If this sounds like you,

apply now

to become a Borderless ambassador! The application deadline is January 31st.


For any questions, email us at