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Undergraduate Degree at Minerva University

Student Loan
✅ Eligibility
- Citizens of any country
- Must have completed High School prior to beginning their studies at Minerva

💰 Funding
Need-based financial aid package: low-interest loan + work-study + scholarship
🗓 Deadlines
Application Deadlines:
- Early Action: November 1, 2022
- Regular Decision I: January 17, 2023
- Regular Decision II: March 15, 2023
Minerva University
Minerva University
📍 San Francisco,
🗣 English
💰 Generous need-based financial aid package
🌏 80% International


Would you like to live in global hubs like San Francisco, Buenos Aires, and Seoul throughout college? Are you interested in an educational experience that bans lectures, encouraging discussion and debate instead? Minerva is an accredited university that prepares students for an ever-changing global future. Minerva students live in seven of the world’s greatest cities throughout college, taking classes exclusively in active learning seminars. The application is free and all students are eligible for need-based financial aid. 

Students spend their first full year in San Francisco, California in the United States, and subsequent years in six other cities: Seoul, Hyderabad, Berlin, Buenos Aires, London, and Taipei.

Academic Programs

You can choose to earn your undergraduate degree in five accredited colleges — Arts & Humanities, Business, Computational Sciences, Natural Sciences, and Social Sciences. Within each of these majors, are six concentrations that are more focused specializations in each field.

Financial Aid

Minerva provides a need-based financial aid package. Your eligibility for financial aid is determined entirely by your demonstrated need. If you are admitted and demonstrate financial need, we will offer you an aid package — no matter who you are or what country you are from.

Financial aid packages typically comprise:

  • Low-interest loan, not exceeding across all four years what you might incur at other schools in one year.

  • Work-study opportunities.

  • Scholarship made possible by the generous contribution of philanthropic donors.

In order to receive a financial aid decision, you must complete all financial aid requirements by the deadline corresponding with your application cycle.


Admission to Minerva is merit-based and need-blind. This means that applying for financial aid will not affect your admissions decision in any way. We evaluate all applicants equally, with no preferential treatment.

Minerva’s admission process does not require standardized test results, such as TOEFL/IELTS/SAT/ACT as they do not reflect an unbiased, comprehensive view of your potential. Instead, it follows a three-part Admissions Process:

  1. Who you are: Basic Application Form (transcripts, optional recommendation letter, contact information, ratings of your school, your ratings in the graduating class, etc.) 

  2. How you think: Challenges (a unique series of thought-provoking challenges - from creativity and mathematics to written and spoken communications.)

  3. What you have achieved: Accomplishments (olympiads, Model UN, sports, arts, etc.)

Minerva’s outreach team will offer supporting workshops on Challenges and Accomplishments once you start your application.

Binding Enrollment

Minerva offers three distinct admissions cycle, deadlines for which can be seen at the top of this page. When applying in the cycle that is best for you, you have the option to select Binding Enrollment if Minerva is your first, or only, choice.

The Binding Enrollment option does not increase your chances on getting in, but it does guarantee an expedited notification within four weeks of completing the admissions process — significantly earlier than other applicants — in exchange for your commitment to signing the enrollment agreement and paying the enrollment deposit and attending Minerva, if admitted, within 10 days.

No application fee

No application fees, and no fees for standardized tests. Minerva's admissions process is accessible to everyone, in every part of the world.