Global PhD Student Fellowship in Transportation Planning and Engineering

NYU Abu Dhabi
NYU Abu Dhabi
NYU Abu Dhabi
NYU Abu Dhabi
📍 Abu Dhabi,
🗣 English
💰 Need-based financial aid
🤓 2,000 Students
🌏 80% International
✅ Eligibility
- Citizens of any country
- Must hold a relevant Master's degree before enrolling
🗓 Deadlines
Application will open in September 2022


In collaboration with the New York University Tandon School of Engineering, the Division of Engineering at New York University Abu Dhabi offers Global PhD Student Fellowships in Transportation Planning and Engineering.

Global PhD students in Transportation Planning and Engineering are enrolled at the Transportation Planning and Engineering doctorate program in the Civil and Urban Engineering Department from NYU Tandon School of Engineering, and enjoy the same privileges and responsibilities as all NYU PhD students.

PhD Students in the Global PhD Student Fellowship undertake most of their coursework in New York and conduct their research in Abu Dhabi. This enables each student to engage in formative study with an entering cohort of students, and take advantage of NYU’s world-class resources. Get more information about the Structure and Schedule for PhD Students in the Global PhD Student Fellowship.

What you get

  • New York University degree upon graduation

  • Access to the extraordinary resources of the NYU Tandon School of Engineering

  • Graduate coursework in New York

  • Cutting-edge research opportunities in NYU Abu Dhabi’s labs

  • Tuition, fees, and health insurance provided throughout the program

  • Generous research assistantship and stipend provided by NYU Abu Dhabi throughout the program

  • Assistance for degree-related travel between Abu Dhabi and New York

  • Campus accommodation at no cost in Abu Dhabi

  • A contribution toward accommodation costs in New York

  • Career development assistance at both campuses

Application Process

Engineering Fellowship candidates apply using the standard NYU Tandon School of Engineering online application for admission to an Engineering PhD program. There is no separate application for the NYUAD Global PhD Student Fellowship. Interested students should indicate their preference for conducting research at NYUAD in their PhD application to the School of Engineering.

Application Requirements

The School of Engineering Graduate Admissions website has more information on the PhD application process, including requirements, deadlines, and other useful tips. There is no separate application for the NYUAD Global PhD Student Fellowship.

Please note that candidates in Engineering can only be considered for the Fellowship if they will hold a relevant master's degree before enrolling. Candidates who will not have a master's degree are still welcome to apply for the NYU School of Engineering PhD, but cannot be considered for the Fellowship until they have earned the equivalent of a master's degree.

Specific PhD application requirements vary by department. In general, you will be asked to provide:

  • online application form

  • application fee

  • official transcripts, with English translations if applicable

  • statement of purpose

  • resume of curriculum vitae

  • letters of recommendation

  • official GRE score reports

  • proof of English proficiency, if applicable

Current NYU PhD students in Engineering may be eligible to apply for the fellowship. All interested students should contact their departments and the NYUAD Graduate Programs Office for further information.


NYUAD Global PhD students must obtain a US student visa to enroll at the School of Engineering, and a UAE residency visa to receive NYUAD funding. Fellowship recipients will be provided with additional information.