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Moving to Sweden for the Master’s programme in Asian Studies at Lund University

Asian Studies
Aug 13, 2022
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💼 Master: Asian Studies
⏳ Sep 2022 — Aug 2024
📍 Lund,
🗣 English
Student Visa
Lund University
Lund University
📍 Lund,
🗣 English
🌏 19% International

After a hectic year of working full-time, finishing my Bachelor’s thesis, taking the TOEFL and writing grad school applications I can finally say that I’ve officially been accepted to graduate school! This week I moved to Sweden where I will start the Master’s programme in Asian Studies at Lund University this summer!

Lund University Library
Lund University Library

About the programme

Lund University is currently ranked among the top 100 universities on the QS world rankings, making it part of the 0.4% best universities in the world. I’ve been accepted to Lund’s two-year master programme in Asian Studies. The programme centers around society studies, economics and politics, eventually branching out into the student’s region of choice; Japan, Korea, China or South-East Asia.

The process

The past year I had a full-time job, working from 8 am to around 5 pm every weekday. This only left me with early mornings, late evenings, and weekends in order to get everything done. In these hours I studied for my TOEFL, wrote my personal statements, built my academic CV, planned out my master’s thesis ideas, and requested recommendation letters from my teachers. It was a hectic time but in the end, it all worked out.

Beautiful university building
Beautiful university building

Scholarship & Cost of living

I have a scholarship from my own country which covers the majority of my living expenses. If you don't have a scholarship you need around 9000 sek (around 900 dollars) to get around. In Sweden there are no tuition fees for EU students, but for those outside of the EU one year can be around 10,000 dollars per year.

Sweden and I

I can’t put into words how excited I am about living in Sweden. I have already visited Sweden as a child and have many good memories here. Also, my mother used to let me watch Swedish tv-shows like Emil, Pippi Longstocking, and Nils Holgersson (my all-time favorite).

Follow my journey

On Instagram and on my blog I will be writing about my study abroad experience here in Sweden. I hope my content will be helpful to other students who aspire to attend graduate school abroad as well. If you have any specific questions or requests for content leave a comment here or send me a dm on Instagram.

Tack för att du läste och hej då.:)

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