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How to Find the Right University as an International Student

🤝 In Partnership with:

Minerva University

🗣 Host: Alena Savitskaya — Minerva University

🗓 Date: December 8, 2022


Alena Savitsyaka is a Regional Outreach Director for Europe, Eurasia, Middle East, and Africa at Minerva University. For questions about Minerva University, feel free to contact Alena at alena@minerva.edu. Make sure to mention that you are a Borderless member!

College Fit happens when a college you choose meets your needs in multiple areas, not just the financial aspect. Here is how you structure your thought process.

Factors to consider


  • Type of the university (liberal arts, community college, etc)

  • Majors and minors

  • Selectivity

  • Class size

  • Research opportunities

  • Pedagogy

  • Technological advancements


  • Location

  • Student life

  • City integration

  • Exchange opportunities

  • Diversity

  • Student wellness


  • Coaching and talent development

  • Internship opportunities

  • Alumni success

  • Networking opportunities

  • Graduate Statistics


  • Admission requirements

  • Costs

  • Financial aid & scholarships

Decision Matrix

Once you’ve identified which factors are important to you, complete your decision matrix. It will be your personal ranking system!

Get your own here 👉 Decision Matrix Worksheet

Decision Matrix
The complete Decision Matrix looks like this

Next Step: Do your Research

Resources to use

  • University’s website, sections on

    • Academic programs

    • Financial aid/scholarships for international students

    • Admissions requirements

  • Social Media of universities: Instagram, YouTube

  • University Events

  • Borderless (you are here!)

  • Outreach to students & alumni & university representatives