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How to Find the Right University as an International Student

🤝 In Partnership with:

Minerva University

🗣 Host: Alena Savitskaya — Minerva University

🗓 Date: December 8, 2022


Alena Savitsyaka is a Regional Outreach Director for Europe, Eurasia, Middle East, and Africa at Minerva University. For questions about Minerva University, feel free to contact Alena at Make sure to mention that you are a Borderless member!

College Fit happens when a college you choose meets your needs in multiple areas, not just the financial aspect. Here is how you structure your thought process.

Factors to consider


  • Type of the university (liberal arts, community college, etc)

  • Majors and minors

  • Selectivity

  • Class size

  • Research opportunities

  • Pedagogy

  • Technological advancements


  • Location

  • Student life

  • City integration

  • Exchange opportunities

  • Diversity

  • Student wellness


  • Coaching and talent development

  • Internship opportunities

  • Alumni success

  • Networking opportunities

  • Graduate Statistics


  • Admission requirements

  • Costs

  • Financial aid & scholarships

Decision Matrix

Once you’ve identified which factors are important to you, complete your decision matrix. It will be your personal ranking system!

Get your own here 👉 Decision Matrix Worksheet

Decision Matrix
The complete Decision Matrix looks like this

Next Step: Do your Research

Resources to use

  • University’s website, sections on

    • Academic programs

    • Financial aid/scholarships for international students

    • Admissions requirements

  • Social Media of universities: Instagram, YouTube

  • University Events

  • Borderless (you are here!)

  • Outreach to students & alumni & university representatives